Recognizing a shot capacity

Why did the man think he was looking at the ocean when he was actually looking at a river? Because he had never seen an ocean, or a river for that matter. It is foolish to measure the true and false by our own capacity, says Montaigne. I agree. What is more double minded and unstable than our judgment and convictions? James, who said as much in his epistle, should know, being double minded himself—the Jews will do this, the gentiles will do that—and what do we have? Unstable ways. Take it with a grain of salt: we are unstable.

We are seasick to the point we don’t realize it. We must stop concerning ourselves with the revolutions and orbits of planets and stars and concern ourselves with the revolutions and orbits in our mind: today this diet, tomorrow that, we should study this, we should study that! One day we look for a monastery to be a monk, another we look for a metropolis to be cosmopolitan. How subservient we are to fashions and trends, whims and fancies. They can go on, we cannot. Let us learn to follow Noah and build an ark that will allow us and our family to float on the surface of these maddening waters. Let our depth be within us, not without, under waters that stifle the breath of life in our nostrils. Is there a strong tower? Let us run to it and find peace.

D. F. Wharton